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Official video from the latest CD BALANCE! 

Sounds Like; Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Chris Smither, Peter Mulvey, Stephen Stills, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Rush, Ben Harper, Ryan Montbleau, Avett Brothers, Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Eddie Vedder, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, Amos Lee, Mississippi John Hurt, Keb' Mo', Ray Lamonagne. Wandering Roots Music weaves  through folk, rock, blues, soul, appalachia, reggae, pop, fingerstyle and beyond and within. 


                                        Music with Wandering Roots 

Wandering roots troubadour Shawn Taylor, weaves songs from many colored threads of Americana. His fourth CD “Balance” wanders from Appalachian to island groves, gritty rock to sparse folk ballads, to finger-style time twisters and gut busting blues, in a testiment to his past decade of relentless dedication to the development of the 'wandering roots' sound, philosophy and body of work.  '“His lyrics dabble in a wonderful gritty naturalism that's uncommon around here,” wrote Dan Barry of the New Haven Advocate.  He’s won and/or placed in performing songwriter competitions up and down the east coast and awarded internationally for his short fiction. Along the way he’s played some of America’s most treasured listening rooms like the Blue Bird Café in Nashville, Tennessee  and shared the stage with notables including Maria Muldaur, Peter Mulvey, Vance Gilbert  and Sarah Potenza. He’s been an oysterman, a woodworker, a prize winning short story author, and has thru-hiked (end to end) the Appalachian Trail (GA-ME), the John Muir Trail (CA) and The Long Trail (VT). He’s spent the past decade relentlessly performing (290 shows in 2019), travelling, exploring and developing his wandering roots sound, discography and life philosophy. He's spent the past three summers on tour with his wife and two young kids in tow, and the stories are begining to emerge through the brand new crop of songs popping up... 

“Shawn Taylor is one of the finest traveling troubadours performing on the circuit these days. Boasting world-class guitar chops, soul enriched vocals and an uncanny knack for capturing life in a song.”
  Brian Owens – Metronome Magazine – Boston

LIVE @ the Bluebird Cafe - Nashville, TN 

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